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From your Etobicoke Dentist: What is a CT scan and why is it important in relation to implants? A CT Scan is a hi-tech x-ray machine that is an essential part of an implant procedure. With the 3D images, we can determine if there is enough bone for the surgery. Scanning allows us…(Read More)


The Truth About Root Canals in Our Etobicoke Dental Office Have you ever told someone you are going to have a root canal and the reaction was “Oh boy, that’s going to hurt”? Well, don’t listen to the horror stories because they’re not true. This procedure is carried out on thousands of…(Read More)


Etobicoke Dental Office Administers Prophylactic (Preventative) Antibiotics Before Surgery In our office we administer prophylactic antibiotics before certain surgeries. According to Dr. Nicholas Makhoul from the faculty of dentistry at McGill University “The literature shows that the best time to give antibiotics to prevent an infection is prior to making an incision in the patient…(Read More)


Do you ever wonder what happens when a child loses a primary tooth at an early age? Primary teeth are very important to a child as they guide the developing adult teeth into the proper places. If a child has a traumatic event – such as a fall, with a blow to the mouth and…(Read More)

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