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In this video, Dr. Simon Yu, a medical doctor of internal medicine from St. Louis, describes his approach to holistic medicine at the Breast Cancer Prevention Conference. Dr. Yu encompasses many angles, and emphasizes the need for integrated and interdisciplinary approaches to health, with a focus on infections and dental health. Dr. Yu’s personal…(Read More)

Cephalometric X-ray of Orthodontic

What can dental x-rays do? Dental x-rays, or radiographs, allow a dentist to see dental conditions not visible to the unaided eye. Although visual inspection by a skilled dentist can reveal many things, x-rays can additionally show: Areas of tooth decay that are very small, between teeth, or under fillings Infections in…(Read More)


Xerostomia, also known as “dry mouth”, or “dry mouth syndrome”, is a major factor in dental health. Dry mouth has numerous detrimental effects that need to be managed to maintain good dental health. Causes of Xerostomia Dry mouth is a frequent side effect of some medications, it is more common in older persons, and it…(Read More)


What is a root canal? A “root canal”, also known as an “endodontic treatment”, is a dental procedure that removes inflamed or infected tooth pulp. (The name for the procedure, “root canal” is a bit confusing because in fact a “root canal” is also the part of the tooth through which the tooth’s root…(Read More)

Etobicoke & Mississauga Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation

What are wisdom teeth? Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars to appear in the mouth. They usually arrive in one’s late teens or early twenties. If wisdom teeth are not properly aligned or there is insufficient room for them, they may become “impacted”, meaning that they will not finish their growth properly…(Read More)


The enamel protecting our teeth—primarily made up of calcium hydroxylapatite and calcium fluorapatite—is a remarkable substance. The hardest substance in our bodies, it nonetheless cannot be taken for granted and in fact can be damaged more easily than many people imagine. Tooth damage caused by the ability of acids to erode tooth enamel…(Read More)


The Truth About Root Canals in Our Etobicoke Dental Office Have you ever told someone you are going to have a root canal and the reaction was “Oh boy, that’s going to hurt”? Well, don’t listen to the horror stories because they’re not true. This procedure is carried out on thousands of…(Read More)

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