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The supporting matrix The first thing to remember when thinking of proper care of dental implants is that they are in important ways more like natural teeth than like dentures. This is because they depend on the jaw’s matrix of bone and gum for physical support. They are an inanimate addition to a living…(Read More)

Getting used to the look and feel of dentures New dentures can feel uncomfortable or loose in the mouth, and it takes time for the muscles of the mouth, cheeks, and tongue to adapt to the presence of new dentures. Some people also experience increased salivation or pain when getting used to new dentures, but…(Read More)


Dentures are nothing new, but have come a long way dead-mens-teeth-a-history-of-dentures Today’s dentures use the most modern materials available, but it’s worth remembering that earlier dentures used ivory, bone, and even human teeth to create the dentures of the past. What are dentures? People lose teeth for…(Read More)


The dental care needs of the elderly are not very different from those of other adults, but they are complicated by a number of impairments – physical, sensory, and cognitive Aging and Dental Health related to age and aging. Also, for the elderly, the connection between dental health and overall health is even more important…(Read More)


From your Etobicoke Dentist: What is a CT scan and why is it important in relation to implants? A CT Scan is a hi-tech x-ray machine that is an essential part of an implant procedure. With the 3D images, we can determine if there is enough bone for the surgery. Scanning allows us…(Read More)


Etobicoke Dental Office Administers Prophylactic (Preventative) Antibiotics Before Surgery In our office we administer prophylactic antibiotics before certain surgeries. According to Dr. Nicholas Makhoul from the faculty of dentistry at McGill University “The literature shows that the best time to give antibiotics to prevent an infection is prior to making an incision in the patient…(Read More)

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