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featured-Dentistry for the Pregnant Patient

Safety concerns During pregnancy, women are particularly attuned to health matters, and dental considerations included. Fortunately, relatively few dental procedures need to be handled differently during pregnancy. When pregnant, it’s especially important to have a dental checkup, dental cleaning, and any necessary treatment because pregnant women are particularly susceptible to gingivitis (inflammation of the…(Read More)


Xerostomia, also known as “dry mouth”, or “dry mouth syndrome”, is a major factor in dental health. Dry mouth has numerous detrimental effects that need to be managed to maintain good dental health. Causes of Xerostomia Dry mouth is a frequent side effect of some medications, it is more common in older persons, and it…(Read More)


What are dental sealants? Dental sealants (sometimes called “pit and fissure sealants”) are a means of covering the small crevices and fissures in teeth so that those places are less able to accumulate food and become sites for bacteria that will eventually cause dental caries (cavities). Sealants are a preventative measure, applied to teeth that…(Read More)

Whether legal or illegal, marijuana use has detrimental effects on oral health that have been confirmed by research. The detrimental effects include increased risks of gum disease, infections, and cavities, as well as a potentially increased risk of oral cancer. In these regards the negative aspects of marijuana use are much like those of smoking…(Read More)


Lots of foods and beverages can stain teeth. It’s useful to know which they are, and, because it’s almost impossible to list them all, it’s also useful to know why some foods are so successful at staining teeth. Teeth are stained when the enamel — the hard exterior surface of a tooth — absorbs…(Read More)


Bad breath is insidious: it can harm your romantic life and your work life, it can signal problems with your health, and you might not even know you have it. You might not detect that your own breath is bad, as there are so many things that can cause bad breath. It’s tricky to…(Read More)

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