From your Etobicoke Dentist:

What is a CT scan and why is it important in relation to implants?

A CT Scan is a hi-tech x-ray machine that is an essential part of an implant procedure.

With the 3D images, we can determine if there is enough bone for the surgery. Scanning allows us to see the height, width, and depth of the jaw and the relation to the sinus. This is very important because it tells us by the millimeter the thickness and quality of the bone. It also allows us to see where all the nerves are located in the jaw.

After losing a tooth, the bone immediately starts to resorb or recede. If one or more teeth have been lost some time ago, your bone may be flat and narrow and will pose a definite problem for placement of the implant, resulting in possible failure.

Precision is vital, so we can place the appropriate size and angle of the implant post for greater success.

A regular x-ray just doesn’t have the same information for optimal surgery.