How to clean your teeth with braces


The key to healthy teeth and gums is proper plaque removal every day. This article will help you to brushing techniques.

  • Brush your teeth, gums and braces three times a day (especially after eating).
  • Clean between the teeth at least once daily – and definitely before you go to bed.
  • First, take off any removable parts like elastic bands and headgear.


Place you brush at an angle of about 45 degrees to the gum and apply gentle pressure as you brush with a gentle back and forward, up and down, or round and round motion. Clean each tooth individually for about 10 seconds.

Use the same brushing motion on the inner and outer surface of all teeth.
Don’t forget to brush the chewing surface of your teeth – and make sure you reach the back teeth too.

Flossing removes the plaque between your teeth and under your gum line – areas beyond the reach of your toothbrush. In fact, if you don’t floss, you are leaving up to 40% of you tooth surfaces untouched and uncleaned.

Choose a threading floss with a stiffened end that threads it through the gap between each tooth – above the wire for your upper teeth and below the wire for your lower teeth.
Use orthodontic toothbrushes which have bristles trimmed in a “V” shape for cleaning above and below the brackets and wire.

Use interdental brushes, also known as a “Christmas tree brushes” , they have very small head with fine bristles – perfect for cleaning under the wires and between the teeth.


Do not use toothpaste with whitening – it will cause discoloration when you get your braces off.
Use dental wax that helps to create a barrier between the bracket and the inside of your cheeks and lips. It helps prevent the bracket from irritating your cheeks or gum.


Keep smiling!

Proper oral care at home is important because it will help keep your treatment time on course and might even help reduce it. Furthermore, it will contribute to the long- term health of your teeth and gums.

And your reward…a lifetime of healthy, beautiful smiles!

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