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Dr. H.Pentsak will work with you to personalize your teeth whitening experience. Everyone has different reasons for tooth discoloration and staining. Your teeth whitening will be designed to suit only you.

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Dental whitening can be carried out in the dentist chair effectively and efficiently. The Ivory whitening performed in our office is a photochemical process. Our advanced LED light activates the whitening solution to provide long-lasting results from deep within the tooth!

For Your Comfort

Provides a natural solution that’s safe on the enamel and the most sensitive of teeth. There are absolutely no damaging agents in the products used.

For Your Convenience

In just 20 minutes you will notice a remarkable difference in your smile; about 2-8 shades!

Whiten While You Clean

Combine your routine dental cleaning with a 20 minute whitening session. Clean and beautiful in one visit.

Eliminate Tough Stains

Ivory can be safely administered in 1-4 sessions for maximum results.