Dr. Simon Yu – Breast Cancer Prevention Conference


In this video, Dr. Simon Yu, a medical doctor of internal medicine from St. Louis, describes his approach to holistic medicine at the Breast Cancer Prevention Conference. Dr. Yu encompasses many angles, and emphasizes the need for integrated and interdisciplinary approaches to health, with a focus on infections and dental health.

Dr. Yu’s personal focus is on the indirect connection he perceives between numerous illnesses and diseases and infections, broadly speaking. By “infections” Dr. Yu means a wide gamut of things: viral infections, bacterial infections, fungal infections, and parasite problems.

Dental infections

Dental infections are a primary source of infection in Dr. Yu’s view. Root canals, cavity formation, gum infection, amalgams, and jaw bone infection are all potential dental risk factors. He sees an empirical connection between dental parasitic infection and numerous health issues, from rheumatism to cancer.

Dr. Yu recognizes that because parasites cannot be avoided, the strategy is to reduce exposure. Doing so entails natural remedies for parasite cleansing: black walnut, clove oil, wormwood as well as an “oil pulling” chew in the morning followed by brushing with baking soda and salt. These measures are designed to reduce periodontal (gum) disease and low-grade infection. In his book “Accidental Cure” Dr. Yu also notes that anti-parasitic medications can yield even better results when quick action is needed.

Proper dental care

Proper dental care also needs a stronger connection between the medical community as a whole and dental care practitioners.

The analysis of body function is also a part of Dr. Yu’s thinking. Tools include both mainstream tools such as x-rays, sonograms, and mammograms, and the less conventional, such as IR Doppler and acupuncture meridian assessment. These tools can serve both diagnostic and preventative functions.

Through meridian assessment, Dr. Yu posits a connection between the specific site of dental infection and manifestations of disease elsewhere in the body: “depending on the location of the tooth, it could go into [different parts of the body]”. He relates the location of dental issues to problems occurring in specific body parts; for example, a root canal in the front teeth might manifest in prostate and rectal cancer for men, while for women the effect would be on what he terms “female organs”. Similarly, a molar root canal might be manifested in breast cancer for women. He sees locational dentistry problems as creating the conditions, but not as proof of causal connections, to other parts of the body.

Focus on Infections

In addition to Dr. Yu’s focus on infections, he regards many other health aspects as also critical: natural non-GMO diet, avoiding environmental toxins, proper hygiene, positive attitude, and a regimen of cleansing and detox. Pets also are identified as a vector for parasites being introduced to people. His strategy emphasizes the preventative approach through reducing risk factors.

Dr. Yu’s dental approach is a part of what he looks at as whole body health, looking at numerous risk factors: dental, parasitic, heavy metal exposure, allergies, nutritional considerations, and the need for internal cleansing and detoxification (especially gall bladder and liver flushes).

Physical activity and exercise are also parts, and Dr. Yu considers moderation is the primary consideration, thinking that too much exercise suppresses the immune system.

The suggestion of a connection between things like breast cancer and hidden dental infections such as root canal infections is unusual to many people and yet is typical of holistic thinking about dentistry, where a goal is an integrated approach to thinking about health.

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