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The world at the moment is deeply concerned about the current and future impacts of a new viral respiratory disease, called “COVID-19”. This blog post briefly discusses approaching your dentist in this environment, and then covers the characteristics and issues of COVID-19 in some detail. Approaching your dentist For the safety of all…(Read More)

The connection between oral health and overall heath is perhaps nowhere clearer than in the case of diabetes. Diabetics are at a higher risk of oral and dental problems, and fully 25% of Canadians are either diabetic or pre-diabetic. Notably, diabetes increases the risk of infection and slows healing—a particularly bad combination for…(Read More)

As is so often the case, evidence again appears emphasizing that oral health is just one part of overall health. In this case, low thyroid function (“hypothyroidism”) is seen as a potential case of problems in the mouth. The First Link: Pesticides and Hypothyroidism Recent studies have investigated the role of exposure to pesticides and…(Read More)

Aging and Oral Health

The old adage, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” applies in some ways to the topic of oral care for the elderly. The original meaning of the saying comes from the technique of determining the age of a horse by looking at its teeth. The patterns of tooth eruption and wear can…(Read More)

Legality in Ontario some snacks and something to smoke. party on. At the moment (September 2019) cannabis products in edible form (“edibles”) are illegal in Ontario. That will soon change however: on October 17 2019 new regulations will come into effect, paving the way for some forms of cannabis products — including edibles — as…(Read More)

Dietary Protein and Periodontal Health

What is Periodontal Health? Our teeth are held in our mouths by a collection of tissues, fibres, mineral-like surfaces, and bones. Collectively, this matrix of attachment and support of the teeth is called the “periodontium” (from the Greek words “peri-” meaning “around” and “-odont”, meaning “tooth”; the periodontium is literally what is “around the…(Read More)

Food Guide History Canada’s Food Guide has been around since 1942, and in that time has undergone numerous revisions. Throughout the years, the Food Guide has attempted to take into account nutritional concerns, as well as the latest understanding of health and science. In addition, the Food Guide has also attempted to consider broader…(Read More)

What is Erosive Tooth Wear? The term “erosive tooth wear” broadly describes various types of loss of tooth enamel. Significant erosive tooth wear occurs in about 30 percent of adults and is something that increases with age. Three general types of erosive tooth wear exist, and they have different causes. Demineralization The first type of…(Read More)

Marijuana leaves Cannabis Use in Ontario With some forms of marijuana use now legal in Canada, and with the individual provinces setting specific regulations, it’s a good time to review this changing landscape. In Ontario, legality entails restrictions on the quantities of marijuana legal for possession, permissible sites for cannabis consumption, restrictions regarding mixing…(Read More)

What is Temporomandibular Joint Disorder? While “temporomandibular joint disorder” (or “TMD”) is a mouthful to pronounce, it’s actually a simple concept: it’s a term to describe pain or other difficulties associated with the joints — one on each side of our face — that connect our jawbones to our skulls. As the image from the…(Read More)

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