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The goal of dental bone grafting is to create a solid base to support a dental implant, by replacing and regenerating lost bone. Implants need to be established in sound bone because of the forces of chewing. Grafting is necessary if the site for implanting lacks adequate bone; either the jawbone is not thick enough…(Read More)

Aging and Oral Health

The old adage, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” applies in some ways to the topic of oral care for the elderly. The original meaning of the saying comes from the technique of determining the age of a horse by looking at its teeth. The patterns of tooth eruption and wear can…(Read More)


Looking for a dentist does not need to be difficult, but there are a few things to bear in mind. As you look, consider both your dental needs and your personal requirements and desires, since selecting a dentist is actually one of the more intimate choices you make. It’s not like choosing a plumber…(Read More)


The supporting matrix The first thing to remember when thinking of proper care of dental implants is that they are in important ways more like natural teeth than like dentures. This is because they depend on the jaw’s matrix of bone and gum for physical support. They are an inanimate addition to a living…(Read More)


All kinds of patients turn to orthodontic care when it comes to fixing unsightly curved, jagged, or missing teeth that can affect a person’s ability to speak, chew, and smile. These types of issues can affect people of all different ages, including children at a very young age. But some parents might not know…(Read More)

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Crooked Teeth

December 27, 2021

Crooked teeth are common; however, whether one's teeth are crooked may or may not matter.…

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