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Sherway Gardens Dental Centre

Welcome to Sherway Gardens Dental Centre and thank you for visiting our website.
We offer a variety of aesthetic and restorative dental services to deliver personalized customer treatment while we meet your individual needs and dental concerns.

We pride ourselves in providing the dental care to our patients using state–of–the–art and innovative equipment and techniques in a relaxing and comforting environment to make your visit as pleasant as possible.

We look forward to meeting you and hope our relationship will be mutually beneficial and satisfying.

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Same As Hollywood Celebrities Veneers Crafting!

Veneers are custom-made laboratory-constructed facings, which are bonded to tooth surface. The primary advantages of veneers are the beauty, durability and flexibility of the material.
With the correct preparation veneers could be used :
- Give straighter appearance to slightly crooked teeth
- Close gaps between teeth
- Cover stained teeth and fillings
- Repair badly worn, chipped or broken teeth
- Generally brighten and improve the smile.
Our highly experienced technicians craft your veneers using the same materials and technique as seen on TV and on Hollywood celebrities!

Veneers, Crowns & Bridges Options

Most Advanced Techniques In Orthodontics

The simplest aesthetic system straightens teeth, corrects minor to intermediate anterior teeth mal-alignments using a series of comfortable and removable clear, plastic aligners. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, these appliances will not affect the patient’s speech and are very cost effective .

Orthodontic Treatment

Our highest priority is heavy metal removal

The traditional “silver” filling is a toxic time bomb. It is made with mercury, which is one of the most neurotoxic elements on the planet, also it has devastating effect on the immune system .There is no “safe” level for mercury in the body which means that its harmful at all levels, even in small doses. For years the traditional dental profession told us that mercury in teeth fillings is bound up tight and wouldn’t leak out.

Mercury Removal Process

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